Welcome to The Indigo Quill! If you are an author or publisher and wish to team with me to promote or review your book, please see if the requests are open HERE. If they are, proceed to the appropriate form. Also, you will need to review my policies below before we conduct business. I look forward to hearing from you!

What To Expect

I only post honest reviews. I don't necessarily sugar-coat books I did not like, but I will review them respectfully and will include positives about them. I am pretty open-minded and realize that authors are people, too. My goal is not to humiliate, but to offer constructive-criticism to help authors only become better as well as provide readers with feedback on books I think they'll enjoy (or not enjoy).

I do not always accept requests for reviews. However, I can almost always promote your book through guest blogs and giveaways, so feel free to send those requests in. 

You may not see my review before it is posted. This is my blog, and I will not allow an author/publisher to micromanage my work. If you are doing a promotion or a blog tour with me, I will allow you to check the post for accuracy, but you will not be able to see my personal review before it is posted. If I feel an author/publisher is being too aggressive I may drop their project and it is most likely that I will not work with them again.

Ratings are not up for negotiation. Unfortunately, I don't like everything that I read. Also, having an English Literature background, I look at technical writing and the development of story in a more critical way than your average reader. I will do my best to separate the two in my reviews, but if I gave your book an overall low rating I ask that you simply accept it and move on. Do not fill up my mailbox and harass me trying to negotiate the rating I gave you. If you feel my opinion was based on inaccurate information, then simply email me ONCE at info.theindigoquill@gmail.com and I may reconsider. If I still feel justified in my position, then the rating will stay.

I am constantly receiving requests and I will go through them in order the best I can. Please do not expect me to read and review your book the same week you send it to me. I also work a real life job, go to school, and am involved in my community, so please understand that I don't spend every day reading books all day (although I wouldn't mind that!). I will get to your book within the month, and if I won't for some reason (finals, tour, family emergency, etc.) I will let you know. All I ask is that you be patient. If I am not doing a review and we are only doing a promotion, I can do a post for you much sooner. If your book is not yet released, I will try to post it close to its release date or if you indicate a time frame I will acknowledge that. I do not wish to be rushed through a book, as I want to become involved in the book so I may review it to the best of my ability for both our benefits.

                                             What Will Be Included

  • Book Cover (Provided either by Goodreads, Amazon, or you)
  • Book Information (Title, Author, Publisher, Date Published, etc.)
  • Source where I received the book
  • Synopsis (provided by Goodreads, Amazon, or you)
  • My Review
  • Affiliated purchase links
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